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Crawford Brock connects customers to clothing at Stanley Korshak



If you have ever driven past the Crescent Hotel and wondered who Stanley Korshak was and why his name is in bold letters on the exterior, you are missing out on the rich history of fashion in Dallas.

The real Stanley Korshak founded his luxury goods emporium in Chicago in 1908. The store closed by the early ’80s. Enter Dallas oil heiress Caroline Rose Hunt who purchased the rights to the name and opened a store in the courtyard shops of the Crescent in 1986. The next year Crawford Brock was hired to manage the operations. In 2001, Brock purchased the store and it has been locally owned and family operated since.

Stanley Korshak carries the most in-demand fashion for both women and men, from furs and gowns to made-to-measure suits as well as handpicked cosmetics and designer jewelry. With over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, Brock is focused on providing great customer service and connecting with his loyal customers as well as providing quality product that appeals to Millennials.

“I feel like I am a connector. I spend a great deal of my time on the floor, and I like to connect customers with the people I work with. I enjoy making those connections,” says Brock. Personally mentored by Stanley Marcus, the founder of Dallas’ own internationally renowned fashion icon, Neiman Marcus, Brock spent time each day with Marcus in the store and has thousands of personal letters written to him filled with helpful advice. Brock has applied that advice, shaping the direction of the store and making it what it is today.

Marcus emphasized customer service, obtaining the best merchandise, maintaining close relationships with vendors, and most importantly, keeping up with the lifestyle of clients. “One thing he told me, which has always stayed with me, is, ‘Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten,’” says Brock.


Entering Stanley Korshak is like entering a fashion wonderland of women’s couture and sportswear collections, from Valentino and Brunello Cucinelli to the chicest shoes and bags from Christian Louboutin, Gianvito Rossi and Jimmy Choo. Also on offer are the best jewelry and beauty brands, such as Yossi Harari’s 24-karat gold creations and Chanel’s perfectly crafted makeup. Men, there’s a place for you too! Korshak offers the first ever shop-in-shop concept, offering tailored suits, sportswear and accessories at contemporary price points. There’s no surprise as to why the store’s policy is “shopping at its personal best.”

Brock is especially interested in keeping up with the changing needs of his store’s clients. The recently opened The Shak is a department specifically designed for the Millennial generation. Guiding this concept are Brock’s daughters, who are Millennials themselves. All three work for the store in either the executive office—helping with operations and planning—or in the PR department. His daughters have the understanding of how the younger generation shop, and they have brought that perspective into the store. Along with his family, Brock has made sure to keep 35 to 38 percent of the staff under the age of 30.

Before Brock was manager, and ultimately owner, of Stanley Korshak, he worked for Neiman Marcus for 12 years. His last assignment was in Beverly Hills where he helped drive that store to number one in the company. “I think Dallas has become a major opportunity for brands,” says Brock. “You can travel the world but find all of those brands here as well. Over the years, Dallas has become much more fashion forward.”

Brock has helped steer Stanley Korshak by upholding the reputation for the highest level of service and merchandise. By appealing to new customers and staying true to their loyal base, Stanley Korshak will be remembered for generations to come.

Heather King is a freelance journalist who writes about fashion and travel.

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