A LOVER and collector of fine art and beautiful objects, Jill Sertsoz’s passionate advocacy for the talents of gifted artists served as the impetus for establishing the R Groden Gallery in October 2021. Strictly dedicating the space to the works of artist Randy Groden, Sertsoz has created a gallery whose mission is to provide designers and collectors with a carefully curated selection of stunning abstract, hyperrealistic and figural paintings.

A well-established artist with deep roots in Dallas, Groden lived and traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe, returning home to create his finest works, primarily in oils and watercolors as well as mixed-media pieces.

“The pieces offered represent the intersection of modern subjects executed using the time-honored techniques of the Old Masters, resulting in exquisitely rendered works of art with a modern and fresh eye,” Sertsoz says. “We have a fantastic studio on-site, which is integral to our mission of being an immersive experience for our visitors and nurturing our community. Currently, the gallery offers murals and special commissions. As the gallery progresses, we will seek out and represent emerging artists of exceptional skill, representing a diverse cross section of talent.”

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