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Have you ever thought of what it really means to live in luxury? After all, luxury doesn’t come simply from the price tag of a particular item. It is not a compilation of museum pieces under one roof. Exclusive and expensive doesn’t always translate into elegant and luxurious. There is something subtle and timeless about the sense of comfort that envelops you in a place of elegant living—it is a blend of quality, beauty and, above all, the love with which furnishings are created and collected.

This rare blend of qualities can be found at Renaissance Collection, a well-established designer studio in the Dallas Design District. Founded by brothers Saied and Amir Esfahani over 30 years ago, the company focuses on handmade, exceptional-quality rugs and Italianate furnishings that transcend trends and fashions. Truly timeless appeal and artisanal eminence separate Renaissance Collection offerings from many others on the current market.

No two rugs in its inventory are the same. Twelve thousand unique designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary, are carefully selected and imported from Persia, India and Turkey. Decades-long partnerships with the best factories in these countries guarantee that the finest products make their way to Dallas.

Rugs, just like art, don’t come alive until they are placed in a carefully selected environment. They start speaking to you when they resonate with the space and the furnishings that surround them. That’s why Renaissance Collection showcases its textural masterpieces in beautifully staged vignettes of Italian furniture, antiques, handmade ceramics and high-quality art. All items are painstakingly curated to represent the brand’s vision of comfortable elegance. The studio is a destination for aesthetic inspiration.

A rug is an art piece under your feet. Each hand-tied knot is a prayer—a quiet meditation to talent, to creativity, to the love of beauty. The artist, over and over, carefully, lovingly creates one knot at a time, until intricate details emerge in an elegant dance of colors across the field. The collector of this masterpiece will cherish it every time they stop to admire the characters below. The creator shall remain nameless for eternity, but his prayer is forever captured in a gorgeous example of a classic Persian rug.

After 30 years in business, the Esfahani brothers decided to refresh and streamline their brand. Their vision is now being implemented by a talented and energetic showroom manager, Bryce Smith, who joined the company in September 2017.

“When was the last time a rug stopped you in your tracks?” Smith asks enthusiastically. “When was the last time you realized that art doesn’t only live on walls, but is beautifully suited to ground the soul of your home and wrap it in luxury? That’s what our rugs do.” His dynamism is contagious; his vision of the products and their purpose push the boundaries of decorating canons and make one reevaluate preconceptions.

Renaissance Collection sets itself apart not only by the quality and rarity of its offerings. It also understands the unique challenges of the Dallas market. As we all know, everything is bigger in Texas, so Renaissance Collection carries the inventory to match. Grand rooms of Dallas’ estates call for sizeable carpets with vibrant personalities. Traditional or contemporary, the company boasts rugs in an exceptional range of sizes and remarkable quality, unmatched on the market.

Texas lifestyle is all about the heart—large, warm, hospitable and luxurious—like a vibrant rug that warms the home and the soul.

Tatyana Murphy is a Dallas-based creative professional, freelance writer and editor, who specializes in fashion, art and design.

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