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Pittet Architecturals outfits today’s homes with reclaimed European stone flooring, antiques and vintage garden décor

by DANA W. TODD / photography by HOLGER OBENAUS

Imagine walking into a new home with modern amenities but feeling like it is rooted in place and built many years ago, with an age-worn patina to its design elements. There’s something about antiquities in a home that’s comforting; they wrap their arms around you like an old friend. It’s not necessary to travel the world searching for old-world antiques that make a house a home. All homeowners have to do is make their way to Pittet Architecturals in the Dallas Design District to experience the rich feel of reclaimed bluestone and marble flooring, architectural elements and antiques sourced throughout the European continent by the father-and-son team of Raymond and Robinson Pittet.

The Pittets’ travels yield fine antique furniture and architectural pieces such as limestone and marble mantels, lighting, artwork, sinks and bathtubs for interiors and garden gates, fountains, vessels, urns and finials for exterior applications. The company most recently added reclaimed flooring to its inventory, which is refreshed monthly with an ever-evolving shipment of goods from Europe displayed in a large warehouse perfect for browsing. Pittet Architecturals sources many of its reclaimed elements and antiques from France, Belgium, Italy and Spain but also brings home interesting finds from the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey and Eastern European countries such as Serbia. Most of their found treasures come from the area around the Mediterranean coast.

“Collectively, we have been in this business for 30 years, so we know where to source the best European pieces. From fountains to flooring, we have so many great finds. All are unique; they are one of one,” says Robinson Pittet, who handles day-to-day operations at Pittet Architecturals. “Reclaimed elements and stone flooring add subtle detail to a home and can work with any design style—traditional to contemporary. We work with designers and homeowners to find out what they want and then connect that with how it’s possible to achieve it.” A bonus is that all pricing includes international shipping costs from Europe to Dallas, so there are no hidden fees.

Buying a reclaimed antique is a special purchase, so Pittet recommends that buyers make their decision on what piece is right for them in a thoughtful manner, similar to purchasing fine art. An investment such as this should be one that is well planned for the space, and the Pittet team can help homeowners consider all the details to ensure the fit and style is just right.

Once homeowners choose the perfect fireplace mantel, garden fountain or whatever special piece their construction or renovation project demands, Pittet Architecturals connects them with a vetted contractor to professionally install it. The contractor will come to the home, discuss in detail the project scope and provide a free estimate for the complete installation. Artisans at Pittet Architecturals’ in-house shop can alter the dimensions of antique pieces, refinish them, fabricate missing hardware and create matching trim as needed.

If homeowners can’t find a reclaimed antique element, such as a garden gate, that works for their needs, or the mantel they really want has already been sold, Pittet Architecturals will work with them to design and build a one-of-a-kind estate piece that meets their exact dimensions and style specifications. “We custom design and fabricate based on one of our existing designs or from a homeowner’s photographic inspiration or ideas,” says Pittet. “While working closely with a living heritage group of artisans in Southern France, a homeowner’s bespoke design comes to life in modern proportions and scale that is usable in today’s homes. We can re-create the antique texture and patina of period pieces or leave the final product with a clean edge for a contemporary look.”

The beauty of Pittet Architecturals—besides the company’s extensive experience finding and sourcing European antiques—is that its showroom is open to the public as well as trade professionals. It’s possible to spend an entire afternoon browsing the antique selections in the showroom to find a patinaed dining table or marble sink that brings a sense of warmth into a home or makes an awe-inspiring statement. Using architectural salvage is a wonderful way to keep high-quality materials from yesteryear out of landfills while adding a sense of history to a home. Without any boundaries to what someone can discover, modify and create with Pittet’s knowledge and craftsmanship, homeowners find it possible to create anything they want for their dream homes. *

Dana W. Todd is a professional writer specializing in interior design, real estate, luxury homebuilding, landscape design, architecture and art.

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