PHOTOGRAPHYis a discipline that has many dimen-sions. In the works of photographer-sculptor-painter Rhona LK Schonwald, photography is, like all her work, stimulation for the imagination. Schonwald, whose colleagues recall her toting a camera as early as elementary school, captures a variety of enthralling subject matter, including reflections in water, puddles or even double-exposed windows. Through her photographs, Schonwald transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Photographs may be close-ups of everyday objects that with the right composition and perspective become a “nonentity,”
so that the viewer has no idea of the actual subject.

A quote attributed to Edgar Degas states, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Schonwald, who is a member of multiple art organizations, including Women in the Visual Arts (WITVA) and the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA), believes in the power of art to connect the souls of artist and viewer. “Having taught art, seeing the moment when a student would have an aha moment is pure magic!” she exclaims. “The same is true for when someone gets, or connects with, a creation, whether it is a painting, sculpture or photograph.”

Schonwald offers prints on paper as well as on aluminum, both of which are museum quality and archival to ensure generations of quality enjoyment. Each piece is part of a signed, numbered and limited edition.

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