PHOTOGRAPHY is a discipline that has many personae. With the “simple” click of a camera, an image is created, maybe for documenting an important world news event or for holding on to precious moments with loved ones. In the works of photographer-sculptor-painter Rhona LK Schonwald, photography is, like all her work, stimulation for the imagination. Works may be of reflections, such as water, puddles or even double-exposed windows. Photographs may be close-ups of everyday objects that with the right composition and perspective become a “nonentity,” so that the viewer has no idea of the actual subject.

The famous French author Marcel Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.” This is exactly what Schonwald hopes and strives to convey through her photography. As with all her creative endeavors, expanding the horizons of imagination is key to who the visual artist is, as well as what she creates.

The images displayed are designed to be rotated multiple ways, encouraging the viewer to interpret the subject matter through their own lens.

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