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Ricardo Tomas’ work is about more than the essential elements that make a beautiful wedding come to life, such as flowers, cakes, décor, etc.; it is an emotional and passionate career that makes each and every wedding special and unique to him. “My feeling on the success of my weddings is due to the personal commitment and attention that I give not only to my bride and groom but to their parents as well,” he says. “I make sure that my clients’ parents enjoy their children’s special day just as much and that it is a nonstressfull day that they will remember and talk about for years to come.”

To achieve this Tomas believes it is important for him to begin planning typically nine to 12 months from the wedding date. This way he is able to get in-depth with the couple to see how they can make their wedding unique and special to who they both are.

As an example, if a couple loves to travel, Tomas will try to help them incorporate the element of travel/destinations and tell their story starting with their wedding invitations, even carrying the theme all the way through with décor and other details at their wedding reception.

With weddings that are planned less than six months from the wedding date, Tomas will still suggest some additional fun and unique ideas and tie up any loose ends, even if a majority of the choices have already been made.

What sets Tomas apart from other wedding planners is his background and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in architectural design, which has given him experience and knowledge within the interior design industry. “I am able to suggest innovative and alternative ideas for wedding reception floor plans and also inform my clients of the latest trends, colors, fabrics, furniture, rentals and textures to give their classic wedding a modern twist.”


Tomas is a member of the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants, a national organization celebrating 15 years as the primary registration, training and certification program for wedding consultants. He provides a full range of coordination services from “day of” to vendor, time and budget management. Because of Tomas’ continued passion and commitment to the industry, he currently serves on the board of directors as president for the Society of Wedding Professionals, a networking organization of wedding and event professionals for Dallas and Fort Worth established in 2012.

“I truly feel honored to have been able to share a big part of over 70 wedding couples’ and families’ special days for over 11 years,” says Tomas. “The part that I love the most is helping my clients’ vision come to life and making it one of the best days of their lives that they will share together.”, 214-908-3830

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