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Ethan and Associates creates made-to-order luxury


Ethan Gotcher, owner of Ethan and Associates, makes things happen, specifically, made-toorder luxury items. He grew up showing quarter horses and being active in an outdoor lifestyle of hunting and fishing, so it is easy to see how this has carried over into his vision for a design showroom. Drawing heavily on Western and rustic styles, his showroom in the Dallas World Trade Center is tastefully filled with a unique collection of hand-carved furniture, custom upholstery, hand-forged iron and a vast array of chandeliers and accessories. It’s a study in warm and inviting elegance.

It is also a space that continues to evolve, as Gotcher adds different pieces and looks to meet clients’ needs and ever-changing expectations.

Gotcher has formed a team at Ethan and Associates that falls in line with his mission statement. “We want to build unique products with the best materials and craftsmanship available that we can proudly stand behind and guarantee for life,” Gotcher states. Whether it is his blacksmith who forges all hardware by hand, master wood-carvers or interior architects designing complete projects, it takes all of his team members to deliver the finished product. “Our furniture is heirloom quality that will be passed down for generations, and it never goes out of style,” says Gotcher.



In addition to quality, Ethan and Associates offers a unique product not easily found at this level. “Our clients want something that no one else has,” Gotcher says. “You can come here and design anything you want, from one chair to an entire design project. Our resources in solid wood, metal, stone, antler, leather, fur and fabric are endless. Our goal is to be a onestop shop for our clients.”

The A-list clients include TV personalities, country and rock music entertainers, oil and gas executives and entrepreneurs from every segment of industry. “We have furnished the green rooms for the American Country Music Awards show and for many PBR (Professional Bull Riders) rodeo events,” Gotcher says.

Most of Ethan and Associates’ work is completed on second homes and recreational properties, whether it’s a mountain home in Aspen, Colorado, or a working ranch in West Texas or New Mexico. Anything the owner can imagine or wants to incorporate can be created by the designers, manufacturers and artisans of this well-rounded company.

For example, a client who enjoys going on African safaris requested a specially designed bed with elephant tusks carved into the headboard and then covered in abstract copper patchwork.

In another example of the company’s custom work, an oilman wanted a life-size pelican perched on a buoy for his beach house balcony. Since pelicans are a federally protected species, Gotcher’s top taxidermist carved the body by hand and completed the finish work using feathers from a swan to create a perfect likeness, which is almost impossible to discern from the real thing.

Ethan and Associates works with its clients in a hands-on process from beginning to end. “We are involved in every stage of design and construction, including making sure the finished piece is shipped properly and on time. We can even provide white-glove delivery and installation service,” says Gotcher.

“It is very important, at the level at which we work, that we provide outstanding personal service,” he says. “A person’s home is a very personal and intimate place, so we are honored when we are asked to assist in the design and layout of these spaces. From our view there are two things that are achieved from every successful project we complete—furniture and friendship that will last a lifetime.”

Glenda Vosburgh is a freelance writer based in Dallas. Contact her at

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