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Ginger Fox combines fantasy and reality on canvas


Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Those who have a desire to learn a specific skill spend time studying the methods and habits of the masters. Ginger Fox is no exception to this practice. She fine-tuned and perfected her skills as an artist early in her career doing just that. Fox painted replica murals, trompe l’oeils and grisaille and grew into great success.

Best known for magical realism, Fox combines a world of real and the imagined on canvas, creating a place where both natural and man-made elements come together. She blurs the lines of fantasy and reality in an attempt to display an example of how we can coexist in harmony within the natural world.

In the complete opposite direction, however, Fox also has a 15-year background in painting abstract expressionism. The creation process brings about a feeling of freedom that guides her while she works. “You don’t know where you are going, so you have the connection between you as the artist and canvas in order to capture the moment,” Fox explains.

Humble beginnings and West Texas roots set Fox on a path in creative art. Her journey began when a neighbor introduced her to sculpting clay and asked her if she wanted to play in the mud. Curiosity arose and she followed this experience with the exploration of other mediums and a lengthy list of projects. She attributes her continued success to extensive travel throughout the world. Fox says seeing the beauty of the world around her gave her a deeper understanding and appreciation for the environment and our impact on nature. The discovery and experiences that come from exploration through travel are paramount for an artist.



It wasn’t until 2006 that Fox shifted into fine art as a full-time career. This transition took place with her first solo show at a gallery in Austin. She proceeded to take her work on the road where it was shown in established fine art galleries from Memphis, Chicago and Santa Fe to the world-renowned Miller Gallery in Cincinnati. Fox continued her ascension by adding many prestigious awards to her accomplishments. In 2010, she was named Solo Artist of the Year at the Artexpo New York, and most recently, she was a Hunting Art Prize Finalist for 2016.

During her rise to success, it seemed only natural for Fox to explore the possibility of an eponymous art gallery. She chose the Bishop Arts District in Dallas as a landing spot and home for her work because she loves the diversity and charm of the community. The area has quickly become a shopping mecca for unique finds and oneof- a-kind art. Ginger Fox Gallery is perfectly aligned with this shopping experience, proudly displaying the work of the best local and regional artists, offered in a variety of mediums.

When stopping in at Ginger Fox Gallery, don’t be surprised to see Fox herself working on her next magical masterpiece. The gallery also serves as her working studio.

Having created hundreds of paintings for her collection, there is no end in sight for this talented artist. She has likely assumed a position in the eyes of budding artists as one to be imitated and studied on their path to similar success. As with the circle of life, so goes the evolution of great artists. For now, she and her work are right here at our fingertips in the heart of Dallas.

Courtney Jackson is a journalist and short story author. She is also a volunteer with the Miss America Organization.

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