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Discover design decadence at butter of dallas



In a city too often described as “cookie cutter,” there is a new luxury kitchen showroom with an entirely fresh perspective that features products and surfaces that are a notch above the norm.

Entering Butter of Dallas— the decidedly different luxury kitchen and bath storefront nestled in the heart of the 74 DSD Design District—is like entering a world showcase of kitchen design. The carefully curated collection of offerings comes from all over the globe. The European custom cabinetry is from Poland and the countertops are made of Italian polished porcelain that is stain resistant and puts Carrara marble to shame. The crocodile wall coverings are from Austria and the 10-burner range is made in the Appalachian Mountains right here in the USA.

Sourcing such sought-after goods is the job of Kellye Kamp, the brains behind the 6-month-old showroom that excels in the eccentricities of modern luxury. Kamp, a kitchen and bath designer and former general contractor with over 16 years of experience, finds Dallas to be the perfect fit for her decadent designs and ideas.

“The luxury market in Dallas has changed in the last few years,” says Kamp. “The days of copying your neighbor are long gone. No one wants what everyone else has anymore. People are looking for more customization, more ‘wow factor’ products they can put in their homes that make their environments truly one of a kind.”

The knowledge inside the walls of Butter of Dallas is part of what separates this place from the others. In the world of design, where mere inches can make or break projects, Kamp’s multi-hyphenate experience comes in handy.


“As a contractor, I’ve designed and installed cabinetry, appliances and countertops and specified plumbing and electrical fixtures. I know the home building and remodeling process and it can be very daunting,” Kamp says. “I want my customers to feel empowered, educated and exposed to alternative products. There are so many moving parts in play when designing a kitchen, and I want to be the resource that trade professionals as well as homeowners can trust when they have questions or design problems that they don’t know how to solve.”

Butter of Dallas specializes in the spectacular, in large part due to its willingness to blur the lines between commercial and residential properties. Features once reserved for hotels or extreme hobbyists, like walk-in refrigerators and steak-perfecting salamanders, can be a reality for any Texas homeowner.

Take, for instance, the BlueStar range that serves as a centerpiece for Butter of Dallas’ dream kitchen. With more customization options than a luxury vehicle, this piece of equipment rivals those found in Dallas’ premier restaurants. Coupled with the Urban Cultivator, an ingenious hydroponic appliance that yields farm-fresh herbs even in the most urban setting, and the 5-foot galley sink/workstation, leaving your kitchen may become increasingly less desirable.

These pieces are perfect examples of Kamp’s unique ability to source under-the-radar luxury products that are bound to be conversation pieces at your next dinner party. “We’re not interested in following the current kitchen trends,” Kamp says. “We’re all about creating the trends and redefining the form and functionality of the kitchen. We want you to wake up each morning excited to get into your kitchen!”

Walking through the showroom only elicits more fabulous finds, including the Earthstone Oven, a California-made gas fire oven that can reach temperatures up to 900 degrees. But don’t let all the heat intimidate you; Kamp uses the oven for something as simple as making nachos to pizza that tastes like it came straight from Italy.

“Luxury kitchens and baths don’t follow a trend,” Kemp says. “Customization is the word of the day. In the showroom, everything has a certain ‘cool’ factor. I’m always on the hunt for something that’s truly different, something that really embodies luxury.”

Do you truly want the world at your fingertips? It’s here, at Butter of Dallas.

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