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A mother and daughter team bring color to Dallas events



Whether it’s “thank you,” “I’m sorry” or “I love you,” flowers have the power to speak much louder than words. They have long been a symbol of expression and are often used to bring life and ambience to any room or occasion.

Robin Flach and her daughter, Katie Althoff, share a passion for floral design that led them 136 DSD to found Di Fiori, an immensely successful floral and décor service in Dallas. Creating everything from small bouquets to send to loved ones to vast floral arrangements for large events, Di Fiori truly does it all. “There is no event too small or over the top that we can’t handle,” Flach stresses.

Although their services are widespread, a large portion of Di Fiori’s work focuses on wedding décor. Since their designs consist exclusively of custom arrangements, the pair is able to orchestrate floral pieces that fit any wedding theme or style. “People are choosing to make their events more personal and uniquely designed to fit their personality,” Flach explains. “There are no two weddings that are exactly alike.”


Flach and Althoff have had some truly one-of-a-kind experiences while working with weddings. One of these was the challenge of decorating the 30-foot staircase at the Dallas Petroleum Club. “Not being able to use wire or wax string to attach the flowers to the wooden staircase involved using hundreds of zip ties, custom-made floral cages and dozens of hands,” Flach recalls. “But it was absolutely stunning after we were done, and you couldn’t see any of the mechanics that we used.”

Di Fiori has also had the pleasure of decorating for the first same-sex marriage to ever be featured in D Magazine. “We will forever remember that special night and are so honored to have been a part of it,” Flach says.

In addition to their beautiful floral arrangements, Di Fiori takes pride in working with the best vendors to supply cakes, draperies, lighting and other decorations to bring events together perfectly.

The success of Di Fiori is all thanks to Flach and Althoff and their extensive experience in the floral design field. Flach’s appreciation for flowers began when she was a young girl living in Dallas. She worked as a freelance designer for several years, designing backgrounds for movie sets and commercials, and she also spent time working in local flower shops. “This was a new world to me,” Flach says about her transition to Di Fiori. “I never looked back!”

Althoff decided to join her mother after spending her school years studying art. Her deep understanding and natural talent in design led her to become one of the leading designers in the DFW Metroplex. The duo’s combined dedication and deep passion for design will undoubtedly generate even more success for Di Fiori in the future.

Flach and Althoff have proudly brought their creations to weddings, events and loved ones for the past 25 years, and they plan to continue for many years to come. “Flowers are our life,” Flach explains. “We wake up every single day excited to enrich all of our clients’ lives with the happiness that flowers bring.”

By harnessing the unique power of expression that flowers possess, Di Fiori has the expertise to make your floral decorations speak for you.

Emma Burleigh is a part-time freelance writer living in Frisco, Texas.

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