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Paper, the silent workhorse of the publishing industry. Hundreds of sheets are used for every book and magazine, but in the hands of artist Béatrice Coron the utilitarian product becomes something so much more: a focus point, a work of art.

“For the last 20 years, I have been exploring visual storytelling in artist books, paper cutting and public art,” explains Coron. “Collecting memories from individuals and communities, I stage narrative allegories in silhouette to create a dialogue with the viewer in playful fantasies.”

One of her latest creations, available from LuminArté Fine Art Gallery, is titled Memory Holes. The “book” is a limited edition of nine hand-cut works of art. Cut from Arches paper, this visual chronicle records archetypal stories that transcend time and space. The intricate detail is stunning to view directly, but when light is added a dazzling array of shadows spreads across any surface, and Coron’s work takes on a multidimensional feel.

Coron’s personal history has fueled her curiosity for stories and made her question her perception of realities. “I have been fascinated by the relation of people to their space and the sense of belonging,” she says. “Using paper-cutting, where everything is cut from a single piece of Tyvek or other paper types, the profusion of individual stories makes a coherent whole world.”

One can only imagine the effort that goes into cutting out the excruciating detail in each piece, but the end result is both whimsical and entrancing.

“My goal is to invite the public to pause and bring their own ideas, finding personal interpretation to reclaim their imaginative powers,” Coron says. In this, the artist truly succeeds., 214-914-4503

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