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Luminarté Design plays significant role in space and lighting design


We live, work, entertain and relax very differently than we did even five to 10 years ago. Technology continues to enhance the spaces we inhabit, whether at home or at work. As some familiar objects have become transitory, and spaces have become more multifunctional, we are faced with an increasing number of choices, designs, materials, costs, timelines and contractors. These factors alone can make design decisions and projects nerve-racking.

Where do you start? Whom do you trust? LuminArté Design’s services are fashioned to accommodate you. From the moment you get in touch with founder Jamie Labar, the team becomes your single point of contact for your design and build needs.

Labar, who also owns and operates LuminArté Fine Art Gallery, formed LuminArté Design to offer integrated commercial and showroom design, residential design and construction services with an emphasis on renovation. Combining her love of art and the design process, Labar consistently delivers quality projects on time and on budget for clients, including Neiman Marcus Home, Horchow, Vin Classic Wines and numerous manufacturer showrooms in the Dallas World Trade Center, Las Vegas and High Point, as well as residences Texas and Colorado.

Working in close collaboration with her clients, Labar’s dynamic creative insight for design and merchandising provides her the ability to successfully balance function and form on every project.

Recently, LuminArté was approached by a client with a very tight time frame to complete a total design and construction project. “The client wanted a boutique hotel suite to accommodate the introduction of new, intelligent in-room lighting systems for hospitality design,” says Labar. “The project featured decorative as well as task and ambient lighting and controls. The purpose was to transport the international clientele to another environment.”

Three designs were initially proposed: A tropical destination underwater room, an uptown chic apartment with skyline view, or old-world elegance in a natural setting. Once the client selected the uptown apartment design, LuminArté began sourcing furnishings, accessories and construction materials as well as scheduling installations, all to be completed in less than 30 days.

“We selected an on-trend palette that features shades of blush, lavender and earthy neutrals for an organic, charming and relaxing space,” Labar says. “Peppered with mixed metals, such as gold, polished nickel and silver, and matte and enameled whites, the room has a sophisticated, clean finish.”

Lively elements include textural features, like the hairon- hide wall treatment for the bedroom area, purple mohair chairs and mid-century modern seating in the living area, all framed with lighted cove ceilings and architectural details. Finishing touches include original works by artist Albena Hristova.

The response was so positive that the client is planning new design projects with LuminArté.

LuminArté is conveniently located in the Dallas Design District and is comprised of two divisions—the design-build firm and the fine art gallery. LuminArté specializes in designing commercial spaces, showrooms and residential interiors that reflect individuality while creating memories around personalities, company cultures and residential ambience.

The team works collaboratively with people, families and companies to meet emerging needs. “During the first consultation, we discuss different style and budget requirements, and our design expert studies your space, covering all the details—floors, walls, windows and lighting,” Labar says. “We care for everything and custom design all aspects, from window placement—such as waking up to the sun—and door heights to surface finishes.”

Labar and her team gather the information from the client and then create a 3-D virtual presentation that enhances the experience of being in the newly designed space. Once the design is approved, the build team gathers the best quality materials, including surface finishes, custom furniture, art and accessories, and creates the dream space exactly the way it was envisioned.

The space we occupy plays a significant role in how we live, work, entertain and relax. LuminArté Design takes the important role of designing and creating these spaces seriously, and that is why its work is so well received and sought after.

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