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RenCollection is the maestro at bringing harmony to rooms with its fine handmade rugs

by DANA W. TODD / photography by HOLGER OBENAUS

Somewhere in the world is the rug that works perfectly in your room. It has the ideal dimensions, the right style and a spot-on colorway. Finding it, however, is a chore best left to a professional. It’s a job Bryce Smith finds joy in completing for his clients at the RenCollection showroom in the Dallas Design District.

Smith wants to educate designers and homeowners about rugs, from the importance of their origin to the type of knots used to make them. “There is no such thing as a dumb question,” Smith says. “I want to elevate the rug conversation to the next level.” To achieve this goal, he provides concierge level services to those who are looking for that one impeccable rug. “If RenCollection does not have what someone is looking for, I will find it no matter where it is located in the world,” he says. He is backed by RenCollection’s U.S. and global connections, which have been built over the last 30 years. The company’s relationships with its partners enable Smith to have rugs overnighted to the showroom if they are not currently in inventory. Even the farthest-flung region only takes five business days to bring a coveted rug into the Dallas showroom or the client’s home for consideration. “We are far more than just a showroom where you pick up a rug or have it delivered,” Smith adds.

The showroom is open to the trade and the public, but it’s the high level of insider knowledge and services that set it apart. Its concierge services aim to make rug shopping an unforgettably positive experience. “We are not just selling a rug,” says Smith. “We will bring a designer’s or homeowner’s top three to five choices in different colors and sizes to a home for a trial run to see which one works best in the space. A homeowner may love the rug in the showroom, but the house will inevitably change its look. We want to be sure they love the rug in their space prior to purchase.”

While the rug consultation begins in the showroom, it continues in the customer’s home, according to Smith. “You shouldn’t just buy a rug; you should buy something you love. If it’s a cherished piece, you’ll always be in love with your space,” he adds. He wants customers to feel unhurried and confident in their final choice. “Ultimately, I want them to tell everyone they found it through RenCollection.”

Smith considers himself lucky to be present in hundreds of homes designed by interior designers and sees his job as finding the intersection between a designer’s vision and a homeowner’s request. “The rug completes a room. It’s the finish line for bringing an entire design together to make it stunning,” he says.

Smith’s background in theater set design prepared him well to creatively produce a pleasing room with the right rug in the right place. Known as the Dallas Rug Guy on social media, his experience working with global providers in the industry is crucial to helping homeowners wade through the information overload of rug manufacturing terminology so they can make a confident, inspired decision. With thousands of rugs in inventory in RenCollection’s curated showroom and an innumerable amount available through its partners, homeowners appreciate assistance in narrowing down the choices that fit within their color and style parameters.

RenCollection carries high-quality handmade rugs crafted by skilled artisans well-versed in the ancient art form of rug weaving, representing the rich cultures of regions around the world. Rugs originate in the United States and from Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India. The showroom carries both new and antique rugs, sorted by rug style, size and material in the showroom and on the website for a seamless shopping experience. Its to-the-trade program offers additional benefits to designers and architects, such as special pricing, personalized support and priority access to the newest rug collections for both residential and commercial spaces. Rug services such as cleaning, repair and restoration, size modification, storage and appraisal ensure RenCollection is a one-stop shop for products and services related to rug purchasing and maintenance.

RenCollection provides designers with advice and education, whether they are choosing a rug as a statement piece or to make a bedroom feel extra cozy. Smith says, “A new rug from RenCollection will turn a beautiful house into a welcoming home.”

Dana W. Todd is a professional writer specializing in interior design, real estate, luxury homebuilding, landscape design, architecture and art.

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