“MY art is derived from a devotion to observe the rhythm and movement of nature. Traveling and curiosity propel my excitement to create work that shares joy with beautiful moments on canvas. I love color and communicating visually with it,” says artist Vick P. Maguire.

Maguire lives and works in Charleston, South Carolina. Her art has evolved over several decades. In a pivotal moment, while visiting Carmel, California, she was struck by a painting that she says, “was so luminous that it captured my spirit. I knew that I wanted to paint full time.”

Since the artist received a bachelor’s degree in advertising and design from New Mexico State University, the evolution of her career unfolded naturally. Maguire’s further studies in photography helped developed her eye, and her travels, which have taken her to all regions of the country, have contributed to her strong artistic vocabulary. 

Design came naturally to the artist, who, for a time, purchased, renovated and sold several homes. “I learned so much,” she says. “I found expression and satisfaction in home design and décor.”

Additionally, a very gratifying part of her work is a personal focus on health and healing. 

Maguire enjoys working with clients and collectors to create the perfect art and to transform spaces into tranquil oases with her ethereal works.

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