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Blending the old and the new


With more retail space per capita than any other city in the country, Dallas has the market cornered when it comes to shopping. While shopping malls and retail stores are plentiful, savvy shoppers have discovered a treasure trove of unique, oneof- a-kind home décor finds at High Street Antiques & Design. Located in Plano on North Central Expressway at Plano Parkway, this antiques lovers’ paradise offers both vintage and new items in 50,000 square feet of upscale antiques, curated collections and other designer items—all positively begging to be explored.

“We have a wide variety and mixture of pieces, including high-end antiques, fine furniture, collectible glassware and beautiful art, eclectic jewelry and home accents as well as brand new décor,” explains Tena Wilson, High Street’s manager and a longtime collector. “We offer a little bit of something for everyone.”

With a longtime interest in antiques, one of High Street’s owners partnered with his cousin to open the mall’s doors in 2012. High Street offers one of the largest collections of antiques in the Dallas area, complete with its wonderful, ever-changing merchandise. Borrowing its moniker from the United Kingdom’s shopping streets, High Street’s aisles have familiar English names, such as Oxford, Kings Row and Piccadilly Place.

Filled with impressive and traditional products, High Street blends the old with the new, offering almost anything one could want. A short list of the impressive offerings includes: artwork, Asian décor, cowhide rugs, crystal chandeliers, fine china, grandfather clocks, lamps, English and French antique furniture, colorful majolica pieces, and Victorian glassware. Additionally, display cases hold hundreds of handcrafted jewelry pieces from all over the world.

“Antiques create special moments and layers of interest in any room,” says Wilson. “These moments are key to creating a space with character and purpose, and at High Street Antiques, we can provide just the piece to enhance all your home accent needs. We believe there is something for every age and every budget at High Street.”

During the shopping experience, visitors often work up an appetite, so many take a break from browsing to eat lunch or enjoy afternoon tea at the charming onsite restaurant, Chocolate Angel. It’s menu includes the award-winning “Some Like It Hot” pimento cheese sandwich, divine Cobb salads, a delicious selection of soups, and a bevy of delectable desserts. “Chocolate Angel is a great partner,” adds Wilson. “You’ll never go wrong with lunch or dessert.”

Complementing the selection of unique items is High Street’s sales team. All are professionals in their field and some offer antiques appraisal services. “Our sales team is extremely knowledgeable, and if you have any questions about availability or location of certain items, they are perfectly equipped to direct you,” Wilson says. Shoppers might find a European piece that would cost thousands of dollars at a typical furniture store, but at High Street, this same item is sold at a very competitive price.

No doubt about it, there is something special about discovering High Street Antiques, as it offers uniqueness and individuality, which no bigbox store or chain could ever hope to replicate. “We receive compliments all the time from first-time buyers, saying we have one of the cleanest, nicest antiques stores in the area, offering such uncommon items. I’ve been here since the first day we opened, and having hands-on owners who listen and implement suggestions on how to make the mall better is so nice and different,” says Wilson. “It’s a family environment here, between all of the staff and our customers.”

Rita Narcisse is a design blogger and interior designer. Find out more at or @suitezest on Instagram.

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