The self-expression that comes from creating art is a powerful thing, a dynamic way of releasing emotion and telling a story in a way
WHILE artists pride themselves on their one-of-a-kind artworks, those original pieces earn a profit only once and have a limited audience once they are
THE TEAM AT ARTISTIC TRANSFER is on a mission. While its primary purpose is to represent artists by giving them the widest possible market
FOLKS HAILING FROM THE PANHANDLE in Texas are familiar with a breed of cattle called Texas longhorn, whose signature horns can extend up to 100
A BUS RIDE ACROSS TOWN in San Antonio opened Dr. Wayne Yakes’ eyes to art when he was just a toddler. The son of
AVERY Kelly’s first bachelor’s degree was in environmental studies, and the second was in fine art. She has combined the two academic interests into
ARTIST Ginger Fox was born and raised in the Panhandle region of West Texas. Primarily a self-taught artist, Fox started her professional career as