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Donna and Rob Poole may have finally outsmarted themselves. With long careers in the design and homebuilding industries, the couple’s modus operandi is to design and build a home every two or three years, sell it and move on to the next design project. However, their latest project, a stunning, French-style contemporary dream house in […]


When architect Patricia Magadini’s clients decided to move from their traditional Texas Hill Country-style house in Dallas’ University Park, they wanted a more contemporary home in the same neighborhood that would better fit the way they live. Their list included a spacious home gym, a pool, an upper terrace, a downstairs master and a set of bedroom […]


Interior designer monica wilcox’s clients called her as they were about to close on a 6,000-square-foot, six-bedroom, six-bath home in Allen, Texas. It had taken them two years to find their dream home, and they knew all along that when they found it, they wanted Wilcox to reimagine it. Before renovations, the home was a brown stone […]

Unearthing Gemstones

While most people think of diamonds and other similar stones as gems, there are other more unusual minerals that also fall under the classification. For me, finding those minerals is a passion that takes me all over the world. The minerals, corals and fossils at my company, Empressive Earth Gallery, come from many different countries […]

Shattering The Glass Ceiling

David Gappa Signature Fine Art Glass takes its craft to new heights with the addition of 3-D printing. David Gappa has come as close to perfecting the art of glassmaking as one can after honing his craft for more than two decades. In that time, he’s grown his after-hours hobby into a robust business run […]

The Language of Life

Profound and philosophical, the Yakes Collection of art conveys visual messaging. Collecting art is akin to breathing for Dr. Wayne Yakes. Life-giving and enhancing, it brings the gift of consciousness. Each piece in his extensive collection resonates deeply. Since childhood, this devotee of painting has been captivated by its imagery, emotion and purpose. More than […]

Unexpected Elegance

Denton’s historic Brownlow House is transforming the bed-and-breakfast into a stylish wedding retreat. Known for eclectic eateries and live music venues, downtown Denton, Texas, seems an unlikely locale for a tranquil bed-and-breakfast. But the Brownlow House stands out as a jewel in the bustling urban setting, providing an elegant venue for special events and a […]

Field of Dreams

Verona Privé Maison offers treasures of the earth at The Arbors at the Round Top Antiques Show. Artistic energy defines the design accents of verona privé maison. Semiprecious gems of the earth pervade the design show space at The Arbors in Round Top, Texas, bringing life and color to each vignette. The inspiration of owner […]

Design Boom

Mary Anne Smiley Interiors is designing for the times.   Last year was the biggest year I’ve ever had,” shares Mary Anne Smiley, founder and lead designer of Mary Anne Smiley Interiors in Dallas. “In spite of the challenges of Covid, we did more business than ever. And momentum is still building.” In addition to […]

Full Circle

Artist Karen Hewitt Hagan follows her heart to new horizons. Artist and gallery owner karen hewitt hagan has a philosophy: You don’t have to know exactly where you’re going; say “yes” to new opportunities, and that will lead you to the next right thing. When the pandemic first reached Charleston in the spring of 2020, […]