It was perhaps the most daring change in the design of the Guthrie’s’ home that turned out to be its greatest success. Doree and Roddy Guthrie, who have lived in their McKinney townhouse for a little over a year, had friends over after a day of golfing to give them a tour of their […]


In a moment fit for television, interior designer Monica Wilcox welcomed her client into his brand-new home after working tirelessly for four months. A first-time homeowner, he was accompanied by his large family to see the fruits of her labor. And it was a hit. “My mom just broke down and started crying,” the homeowner […]


Interior designer Esther Boivin believes your home should tell your story. When clients approached her to refresh their 5,000-square-foot, four-bedroom, four-bath home in Scottsdale, Arizona, she took one look around the dark, dated spaces and knew it was time to change the narrative. Located on a mountain with extraordinary views, the home had rooms that were […]


PRIMARILY a self-taught artist, Ginger Fox started her professional career in the design industry, working on a variety of projects that challenged her to use various painting styles. In 2001, she had her first solo art exhibition, and in 2006, she left her design career to give full focus to her true passion: fine art. In […]

Stephanie Kratz Interiors

When you’re building or renovating a home with a partner, compromise is the key to ensuring one person doesn’t end up feeling like they live in someone else’s house. While it’s a challenge to combine two styles into a unique third, for interior designers, the magic is in creating a new style that can stand […]

Silver Linings

When Bruce Bernbaum’s north Dallas mid-century modern home was demolished by a tornado in 2019, he and his wife, Cindy, chose to see it as an opportunity to build an even better version of the house they loved. As a principal architect and co-founder of the Bernbaum/Magadini firm, Bernbaum is known for contemporary homes with […]

Southwest Gallery

LOCATED near the shops of The Galleria, Southwest Gallery offers Dallas’ largest collection of fine 19th- to 21st-century paintings and sculptures. Celebrating more than 50 years of serving the art needs of Dallas, this beautiful gallery represents hundreds of respected and established artists with thousands of stunning works of art, from antique to contemporary, all in […]


The John Houston homes design studio puts the dream back into the dream home. After signing on the dotted line, choosing a site, deciding on a floor plan and all the myriad other details that go into buying and building a home, the trip to the design studio gives new homeowners a chance to visualize […]


Monica Wilcox was no stranger to deadline pressure from her client. The first time they worked together five years ago, he knew exactly what he wanted. He preferred—no, insisted—that the design, decoration and install be completed in just two weeks, and without input from his wife. “She was away on business in China, and he […]


Su Holder had a vision for her dream house. Too bad it needed walls. “We knew we had to live in a house, but it didn’t have to feel like a house,” says the Tyler, Texas, resident, an artist, avid gardener, philanthropist and longtime hostess. The idea of a house with a seamless connection to […]