Summer reading lists began with the assigned reading from high school teachers, forcing students to spend their days engrossed in pages of classic novels.
Paper, the silent workhorse of the publishing industry. Hundreds of sheets are used for every book and magazine, but in the hands of artist
In Dallas, home makeover elves work all year long to bring a happy holiday to homeless families and children transitioning out of shelters.
There is a long history of authentic Native American jewelry made from sterling silver, turquoise, lapis and other fine minerals. Castle Gap Jewelry, one
Nowadays, genuine craftsmanship and authentic production are rare gems to find within the fine jewelry industry. There is one company, however, that was founded
Many interior decorators wish they had at their disposal a complete workshop filled with craftspeople skilled in woodworking, metalwork, drapery, upholstery and finishing that
When one thinks about the artistic career of Ruth Litwin the word that comes most readily to mind is limitless. That’s because Litwin has
Lora Pelto’s childhood, as the daughter of an oil and gas businessman, meant moving between Texas and Oklahoma with her fabulously fun family of